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" World On Fire "
© 1994

" World on Fire -Detail- "
© 1994

" Creation "
© 1994

" Creation - Detail- "
© 1994

"  Resolution "
© 1994

"  The  Seer  "
© 1994

     "Songs of Experience" is a multi-media performance piece conceived and directed by Colorado artist Charmaine Locke. In Locke's words, the piece represents "the story of life from the micro through the macro; the personal level to the universal, as it moves from simplicity and innocence to the struggles of existence, major conflicts and resolution."

" Juggler I "
© 1994

     The piece combines sculpture by Locke, choreography by Priscilla Nathan-Murphy, an original musical score by Ron Nicosia, and masks by Patricia Jane St.John-Danko. Locke's sculpture, which serves as the stage setting, provides passageways for three symbolic personages: Creation, Juggler, and World on Fire.

" Juggler II "
© 1994

     A fourth character, the Seer, sung by Teri Hansen of Houston Opera Studio, weaves the tale through three acts. Creation rules the first act, followed by the Juggler, who symbolizes the balancing of the various elements of life. In the the third act, those elements become totally unbalanced, as reflected in the passionate choreography for World on Fire, danced by Penny Tschirhart. In the exceedingly beautiful final scene, the role of Resolution is danced by Sarah Irwin.

" Composer "
© 1994

All masks designed in collaboration by
C. Locke and P. J. St. John Danko
and constructed by
P.J. St. John Danko
of  buckram, papier mache, fabric,
diamond dust, silk and acrylic.

All Excerpted from Patricia C. Johnson, " Songs: a story of life to experience ", The Houston Chronicle, September 25, 1994; from Ted Williamson, " Artist mixes sculpture, ballet ", Weekend Spotlight, The Houston Chronicle, October 1, 1994; and from Playbill.

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